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Brenham  Siderite Meteorite 
Meteorite Type: Stony Iron
Classification: Pallasite MG - an
Location:  Brenham, Kiowa County, Kansas, U.S.A.
Discovered: May, 1882
Total Known Weight:  > 4 Tons

Brenham Siderite Slab - 11,539 grams
437 gram Brenham Siderite Meteorite
11,539 gram Slab
1225 grams
437 grams

Brenham Siderite Meteorite Slice - 182 grams
Brenham Siderite Meteorite Slice - 154 grams
182 grams

154 grams

243.0 gms
229.0 gms

225.5 gms

Brenham  Siderite Part Slices, Chunks, and Squares

31.9 gms
30.6 gms
29.9 gms

27.9 gms

18.6 gms

Any Brenham Siderite Meteorite slice purchased from us will also include a copy of the Certificate of Authenticity, and letter from Brenham Meteorite Company that we recieved with our purchase of the 122lb Siderite specimen these slices are cut from.  
Certificate Of Authenticity                                                      
Brenham Meteorite LTD Letter
Certificate of Authenticity
Brenham Meteorite, LTD