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We now offer :
Meteorite Stabilization and Restoration.
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What's New at KD Meteorites! Natural Copper Sculptures For Sale Admire Pallasite Meteorite Olivinoid
What's New!
Copper Sculpture Admire Gemstones

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Come see us at the shows:

Denver Show
in Denver, Colorado
Sept. 8th-17th, 2023

We are located at the Events Center in the
Arena Foor

And The

Pueblo Gem and Mineral Show

in Tucson, Arizona
January 22nd, 2024 - Feb 7th, 2024

Located at the Ramada by Windham
(formerly Riverpark Inn)
 Room 126

Lybian Desert Glass For Sale 297 Pound Lake Superior Firelight

Lybian Desert Glass

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text, call, or WhatsApp: +1 928.399.0140

Pops (Larry Sloan)   Mom's FIRST Meteorite Find!!
Pops - Larry Sloan
Mom - Fred Olsen

Gift Certificates available!!

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